About Our Congregation

The Church shall be an independent, reformed, congregational church guided by the Word of God and the Constitutional Bylaws as adopted and/or amended by the Church. The governance of this church shall be vested in its communicant members who shall delegate to the Consistory oversite of the congregation, authority for the management and operations of the Church and the right of control in all its affairs subject to the written Word of God, the Holy Bible with limited deference to the Laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania relating to not for profit Corporations and/or Ecclesiastical Corporations.
The Consistory as the governing body of the church shall be compromised of a plurality of elders (including the pastor) and the potential of one or more deacons/deaconesses who meet the Scripturally defined qualifications.

The Church acknowledges the Holy Scripture of the Old & New Testament as the verbally inspired Word of God and as the sole and infallible guide and authority for faith and life. The articles of Faith of the congregation shall be the Apostles Creed and the Nicene Creed. The Church relies entirely on the passages of Holy Scripture referring to the same and in this regard, avail ourselves of the freedom of conscience according to the doctrine of the priesthood of believers as taught in the Bible.

About Our Church

St. Paul’s Reformed Church is an independent evangelical church with a 150 year history located in the city of Meadville, Pennsylvania. The church is dedicated and committed to the word of God. We adhere to the teaching of the scripture, ascribes to the Apostles Creed and the Nicene Creed.

Our services are scripturally focused but we strive to apply the Gospel to life today. St. Paul’s’ congregation is small yet very active and participates with local organizations such as the Salvation Army, Meadville Soup Kitchen & the Food Pantry.

  • Bible Study (Youth & Adult) begins at 9:30am
  • Sunday Morning Worship begins at 10:45am

We acknowledge the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testament as the verbally inspired Word of God and as the sole and infallible guide of faith and life. We support the confessions and creeds of the reformed faith including the Apostles’ Creed and the Nicene Creed.

We accept the interpretation of the Scriptures as laid down principally in the Westminster Confessions and the Heidelberg Catechism, so far as they are consistent with one another. In substance of definition, however, we rely entirely on the passage of Holy Scriptures as the sole measure of faith.

As a body of believers in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we welcome all individuals to our church to worship. We also believe in the scriptural sanctity of marriage between a man & a woman.

The primary reason that we meet is to focus our attention on God, giving Him our worship and receiving His blessing and inspiration. Each of these occasions is a special time of spiritual refreshment.

To us, studying the Bible is vital because it not only instructs us intellectually but also guides us spiritually. We believe it and accept it as God’s Word to us, a Book that is alive and relevant to life today. Learning its truths is a thrilling adventure.

Nothing quite compares to the joy of Christian Friendship. That’s why we make it a priority to build lasting bonds between the members of our church family- bonds of concern and genuine commitment to one another. Best of all, this circle of care is ever-widening. We would love for it to include you, as well.

Just as Jesus Christ came “not to be ministered unto, but to minister…” we accept our responsibility to reach out in service to others. This applies both within the church family and outside of our fellowship. We look forward to serving you.

St. Paul’s Reformed Church is located in Northwestern, Pennsylvania in the city of Meadville. The city of Meadville is a small, semi-rural based community of over 13,000 people. Also known as the Tool City, USA, Meadville is home to several thriving manufacturing companies, including: Ainsworth Pet Nutrition, Channellock several other tooling & manufacturing shops.

Also located in Meadville is the Meadville Medical Center (currently expanding), Allegheny College (a liberal arts college) and many locally owned and operated businesses, organizations and restaurants. The community offers an array of recreational activities such as: hunting, fishing, golfing, kayaking, swimming, hiking and boating. Both public and private schooling is available in the area.

If you are looking for an afternoon or weekend adventure, Meadville is located 40 minutes from Erie, PA, 1.5 hours from Pittsburgh, PA, 2 hours from Cleveland, OH and only 2.5 hours away from Niagara Falls in Ontario, Canada.

St. Paul’s Reformed Church seeks to be a church where the Bible is preached clearly and relevantly, and there is one very simple reason. We want to know and enjoy God more and more.

Nothing could be better than enjoying a relationship with the God who made the universe and everything in it- including you and me. St. Paul’s is simply a group of people who believe that Jesus Christ has made that possible.

We are not a church living in the past. We live to glorify God today. We are a family church ranging from small children to those who want to keep their age a secret! Most live locally by some travel from a distance. We welcome you for a visit.

Many people feel that the days have gone when Christians can claim that Christ is the only Savior. We respect people of other faiths and have no desire to force our beliefs upon them. However, we are convinced that in Jesus Christ, God uniquely became a man, died on the cross for the forgiveness and the salvation of all those who will believe in him, and rose from the dead assuring people of eternal life. Therefore, we are not ashamed to call people from every nation and culture to worship only Christ.

We are convinced that, as the word of God, the Bible is the only reliable guide to help us understand God and his purpose for us. The Church is committed to learning from the Christian Scriptures and applying what we learn to our lives.